Do I Need a 14x30x1 Air Filter for My Furnace? - A Comprehensive Guide

When it's time to replace your air filter, the most straightforward way to determine the size you need is to look at what is printed on your current filter. Air filters usually have their dimensions written somewhere along the sides. If you detect a burning smell coming from your boiler, or if the back of the unit is hot to the touch, it could be a sign that your unit is overheating. One of the first steps in this case is to check the furnace filter.

An oven can overheat due to difficulty pushing air through a clogged filter. A burning smell is often one of the last signs before serious damage occurs. Filter King offers hundreds of different filter sizes that can be used in various household systems, including your oven. When ordering new air filters, round up the measurements to the nearest whole numbers.

When you hear the term “standard air filter size”, you might think that if your air filter is standard, it will be easy to find it when you get to the store. However, it's important to note that the air filtration industry standard is to make the filters measure slightly smaller than their slot or frame, so that they can easily slip into place without bending or breaking. What's worse, improperly sized air filters can put excessive pressure on the air conditioning system, damaging it and increasing energy bills. This rounded measurement is called the nominal size and is used to match the correct filter to the proper groove for the air filter.

To guarantee that you purchase the correct size for your system, you must measure the interior dimensions of the air filter inlet. Most of the air filters are located on the right or at the bottom of the unit and can be easily removed from the slot. HVAC service companies often offer air filter replacement services in addition to system repair and unit installation services. If you live in an old house, with a non-standard sized air return frame, you may want to use waterproof foam tape to slightly increase the dimensions of your favorite filter or order a custom-sized air filter.

If you have difficulty inserting your new filter, try a different brand furnace filter or a custom-sized one with a slightly smaller actual size. In conclusion, when looking for an air filter for your furnace, make sure you measure your current one and round up to get an accurate size. If you have an old house with a non-standard sized air return frame, consider using waterproof foam tape or ordering a custom-sized air filter. If insertion proves difficult, try a different brand furnace filter or a custom-sized one with a slightly smaller actual size.

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