How to Change Your Vehicle's Air Filter and Keep it Running Smoothly

Maintaining your vehicle is essential for keeping it running in top condition and avoiding costly repairs. One of the most important maintenance tasks is changing the air filter. This component helps keep the air free of dirt, bugs, and debris that can reach the car's intake system. It may seem like an air filter isn't an important part that needs to be checked and changed regularly, but it's essential to maintain a car's performance.

Jiffy Lube has the vehicle maintenance tips you need to stay on the road. Everyone has questions when it comes to preventive maintenance. Let the team at your local Jiffy Lube handle preventive and routine maintenance to keep your car, SUV, minivan, or truck running as intended. This way, a small problem can be corrected before it becomes an expensive repair. The engine air filter, on the other hand, keeps the air that the engine “breathes” clean and free of dirt, dust and other particles, all of which can affect how efficiently the car works.

Replacing a clogged air filter can increase fuel efficiency and improve acceleration, depending on the make and model of the vehicle. Dirty or damaged air filters reduce airflow to the engine and modify the vehicle's air-fuel balance. A particle as small as a grain of salt can pass through a damaged air filter and significantly damage internal engine parts, such as cylinders and pistons, which can be very expensive to repair. Now you know how often to change the car air filter, but what about the cabin filter? Here's an article that explains what it does and how to maintain it. In addition to blog posts, Tips in a Jiffy has videos with tips for car care.

As a general rule, most average drivers should be able to pass a year or two before needing a new air filter. A dirty air filter can cause ignition problems, reduce fuel consumption and, if neglected in the long term, shorten engine life. The easiest way to know for sure how often the engine air filter should be changed is to consult the maintenance section of the owner's manual or simply Google the manufacturer's recommended service interval. A clean air filter is designed to capture dirt and debris from outside air, preventing them from reaching the combustion chamber and reducing the likelihood that you'll receive a high repair bill. A dirty engine air filter usually looks dirty with dirt, dust, or spots visible on the inside of the creases. Technicians love these things and will be happy to help you first decide how often to change the car's air filter and then replace it with a new one, based on the manufacturer's recommendations. With easy-to-follow instructions, a little determination, and a new air filter, you can easily change your vehicle's air filters on your own with very few or no tools.

Keeping your vehicle in optimal condition is essential for ensuring its longevity and performance. Changing your car's air filters regularly is one of the easiest ways to keep your car running smoothly.

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